When a Blog is Usurped by Instagram

I’d love to stay in touch with you but we all know…

the cobbler’s children have no shoes!

I have no time to market myself and while I feel disappointed about that fact, I’m also grateful to be too busy to handle my current workload! Regardless, I’d love to stay in touch with YOU and instagram would be the loveliest way to do that, what do you think?

Happy Half-Birthday to SHD Marketing!


SHD Marketing for small and medium-sized businesses was launched on Valentine's Day 2018 and I was already brimming with excitement about the future. After 6 months, my excitement hasn't waned - it has grown.

After working in the corporate space for over a decade, applying my marketing insights to help business owners looking to launch or grow their business was the perfect new chapter. After 6 months, I can say that this has been more interesting and gratifying than I even thought possible. Helping real-live people with their inspiring projects and goals is now how I get to spend my days and I love it. 

We are celebrating by sending a big thank you to our fantastic clients!  

Thank you for working with SHD Marketing!


Key metrics from our first 6 months




Did you know we are a full-service marketing agency?

  • Branding and Logo Design
  • Website Development
  • Communications Planning
  • Digital Marketing Support
  • Social Media Management
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Content Development
  • Campaign Management

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Website Development

Your website needs to look professional and clean while clearly communicating your message. Use our web design services to build a new website from scratch or to refine and enhance your existing website. 
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Thank you for your support!

- Susan H. Davis, SHD Marketing